Rabbi Boruch Smith

A different kind of talk

A different kind of talk


Rabbi Smith has 35 years of experience as an international educator, counselor, and mentor for hundreds of students. Rabbi Smith’s unique ability to help individuals access their fundamental strengths has facilitated stable and consistent growth in their lives.

Rabbi Smith teaches in Michlalah’s Machal program and Jewessence. He is a former faculty member of Yeshivas Ohr Sameach Jerusalem, Ohr Sameach Toronto, Neve Yerushalayim, Michlelet Esther, Midreshet Rachel, Tsofia and Tikva.

Rabbi Smith is not a therapist, and his guidance does not replace therapy where needed.

“All truth, good and love are contained within yourself,
you just need to learn to access it”

Thankful clients

I felt so stuck. Rabbi Smith’s wise Torah-based counseling was invaluable in helping me move forward.”

M.D. Far Rockaway

Rabbi Smith helped me achieve clarity and peace of mind in a complicated dating scenario.”

L.P. Brooklyn

I am so grateful that Hashem blessed me with such a wise, compassionate and yashar Rav. Rabbi Smith’s approach is one of strict adherence to Torah while balancing each individual’s needs. I have never felt judged and feel I can be totally honest and expect guidance that is tailored to where I'm at now, while kindly helping me to be better and better. The Rav has a unique ability to really understand where people are coming from, integrate such deep Torah and relate and advise with it in mind. When I teach over concepts that Rabbi Smith teaches me and that I live by, people constantly ask me who my Rav is and I am extremely blessed!!

Ora Drexler

As a baales teshuva, I can very easily pinpoint those in my journey who have played a key role in shaping my Torah outlook on life. The lessons I have personally learned from Rabbi Smith – both as a seminary/shiur student and in 1-1 meetings throughout the years – have been integrated into my life and shaped how I approach decision making on a daily basis. With the guidance from Rabbi Smith, I can confidently say that my relationship with Hashem continues to grow and mature, and I know the coaching I receive is meeting me exactly where I am in life in that moment.

Bella W.

Rabbi Smith is one of the most caring, intuitive, supportive and wise teachers I have the privilege of learning from and seeking guidance from. With his gifted sensitivity, and ability to really see and hear me, I feel safe to ask guidance about anything and I have received invaluable insights into myself, my subconscious, my experiences, and relationships. From our meetings, I leave with not only a sense of being witnessed and understood, but also a sense of clarity, direction, and feeling empowered. More than once has his guidance opened my eyes and helped me make decisions that were for my highest good. It's truly a blessing to receive counseling from Rabbi Smith!

Abigail Weitman

Rabbi Boruch Smith is one of the few people that has seen me in depth, and given me the advice and guidance that I need to hear, considering where I stand today and my potential. Always listens carefully, asks questions and finally speaks the right amount of words. He is always there when needed, supporting and orienting. I feel tremendously grateful of Gd for giving me the honor of meeting Rabbi Smith. I’m sure that with his sensitivity and experience many people will be able to blossom.


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